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Letter from Ralph

Ralph Letter

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Melitta, I grew up in the small rural community of Greene, Maine not on many of today’s maps. We were taught that honesty, a good job, and freedom, were not inherent rights, but rather earned! I did not find a single line of text on which I could not relate or disagree.

While I would not wish your early childhood and challenge on anyone, were many Americans today subjected to such, I am confident we would be a far better country! I am sore afraid of the path we seem to be taking and the lack of corrective action to turn it around. Hitler taught us a grave lesson many have forgotten and a younger generation that questions whether or not it ever happened. I distinctly remember being aware of Hitler’s many atrocities and reading of many of the things you experienced. I followed WWII very closely as I had an uncle who served during the “Battle of the Bulge”.

I commend you for taking time to tell your story and now have a new perception and respect of my email buddy, Melitta! Thank you for sharing it with me and others. It is too valuable to “hide under a bushel” and I hope you find a way to get it into as many hands as possible. This book should be made “required reading” for all young Americans! You are indeed a ‘rhinestone of freedom’.


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Review by Beverly

The book was incredible!  I had to read it a second time.  I could picture everything you wrote.  I had no idea your (and Willy’s and your sister’s) parents went through such difficulties!   I cannot imagine what they went through when you were missing!  What a miracle that you were returned to them!   Now I’m wondering if you yourself suffered at the hands of those who took you.  But I guess that’s something you’ll never know here on this earth.   I am amazed and inspired at your faith in Jesus Christ despite what your family went through.  That is so encouraging.  I have always heard such wonderful things about you from the family, and I can see why.  Your writing alone tells me the kind of person you are.  Thanks so much for writing that book.  I am so honored to have a SIGNED copy!  If you ever write more books please let me know.   


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Review by my brother Alex

We´ve read the book. I´d like to thank you for the book as a dedication to our parents and sister and brothers. I´m glad you came to that point to write down the story of our family and the way we reached freedom. Thanks God that our parents had the courage to take all the risks during that terrible time  in WWII instead of waiting that things might changed by itself. I was the lucky one in our family and just heard some of that endured stories from dad or mum. I can remember, when father told me when he was a soldier when war was about to end. He was recruted by the German Army an had to fight against invasors in the area of Rheinland. He wanted under no circumstances to be cought by the russions and to be sent to sibiria. Therefore he tried to break out out of a forest with three other fellows which was surroundet by russion trups and tried to move over a big area to get to the american camp. They found in that forest lots of lost wheapons and military stuff which they used to create a big fire work in order to make the russions believe, that there must be some kind of lost unknown armed unit. After doing so, the stationed russion soldiers run away and father and his fellows could reach the american camp and surrendered by the american authority.

He also told me, that in the american camp the officers were looking for prisoners, who are able to speek other languages than German and are able to cook (for all the millions of prisoners). Father had no idea of cooking, except of some looking at mum´s kitchen. He pretended to be an excellent cook an they took him right at the source of food in the newly installed camp kitchen, after four days of hunger. Mum said, when he came back from war, he was well nourished. 

Thanks Melitta for the book. I´m really proud of you. I think it was the right decition to have sent you the sawing machine to the states.  (and sorry for my bad english)

Love, Alex & Ulli

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Review by Janeen

Having just finished reading your amazing story, Hey Kids, Want Some Chocolate?, I am still in thought concerning just how much the Lord has tendered my heart because of what you and your precious family went through during the time of World War II.

Even as a young child living with my parents and younger brother in the Bay Area, I vividly remembered the news paper photos of the war atrocities my parents tried to conceal because they had such a heart-wrenching impact on me.

However not until reading your book have I heard such a poignant personal story of a family living through those times in Germany — and surviving! Yes, indeed, praise be to God for His hand of protection over you and for the unwavering courage of your dear parents. Your’s is truly a story never to be forgotten. I know it will live on in my heart.

I am very grateful to you (and Herb) for sharing your story and helping us as Americans be more aware of guarding the privilege of our God-given right to cherish freedom … and thanking the Lord and both of you for the gift of your story to bless my Thanksgiving.

May your blessings truly overflow.

With love,
Janeen Mattiuzzi

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Review by Dennis

Almost immediately after you handed your book to us, I began to read it. I could not put it down until I had read the entire thing!! What a wonderful and surprising story. And, what a mysteriously fortunate series of unlikely events and circumstances led to your eventual freedom. Each and every phase of your life reads like an epic drama, beginning with the birthmark that must have led to your surprising appearance on the doorstep. Then continuing through your father’s long series of courageous and fortunte decisions that eventually lead to your arrival in the U.S. Then, finally you shared some of the struggles and dedication that led to the production of the heartfelt book. How wonderful that the sewing machine seems to have stiched together each phase of your life and still remains with you as a symbol of the journey to this day. Thank you for giving your book to us with your signature, and above all, thank you for writing it in the first place so that many others may be enriched by it.

Dennis and Phyllis

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Review by Laurie

I wanted to let you know that I  thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. It kept my interest from the first to the last page and in the process I learned a few historical facts. Your parents were courageous people and I can understand why you are so proud of them. The paragraph where you wrote about being the best dressed kids reminded me of my mother. She too sewed all of my sister’s and my clothes and we were always complimented how nice we looked. I wish you great success in the sale of your books!


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Review by Vera Voelter

I read Melitta’s book with great interest. It is well written and represents an excellent record of the remarkable plight of her family. It was a terrible time in Germany and in spite of all the hardships, her father made the right decision to leave Romania and settle in Germany. If they had stayed in Romania, their fate would have been much worse. It’s only now that people in Romania aren’t dominated by Soviet Communists. Their lives were horrid. Even today after Communism I have been told life in Romania is no picnic.

Her father I’m sure wasn’t welcomed in Germany with open arms, bringing along a non Aryan wife and his non Aryan children. I’m not surprised he wasn’t put in his rightful place, the elite corps of engineers in the German army, in spite his degrees and skill in the field. It is also quite strange that he was set free 1945. No German soldier was that lucky. They all were prisoners of war until at least 1949 or prisoners in re-education camps. My own father came back from being prisoner of war in Russia 1951. He was released only because he had gotten hepatitis and wasn’t expected to arrive alive in Germany. My mother was informed that he made it out of Russia but we couldn’t go to see him for a long time because he was contagious. For me (10 years old) he was a complete stranger and I could never get used to having a man in the house.

Another thing that struck me very much out of the ordinary was her birth in the hospital, were she was up ducted. In those days women gave birth at home with the help of a midwife. Remember Hitler introduced socialized health-care in Germany. Hospitals were for sick people only. Giving birth was supposed to be a natural thing and hospitals were reserved for the sick and for wounded soldiers. By the time Melitta was born most of the hospitals were bombed out and what little was left was reserved for front soldiers. I know that because my Grandmother needed an operation and was told, so sorry, soldiers only. She had that operation in her general physicians office and almost died, because that doctor didn’t have the proper equipment and wasn’t really trained for surgery. But such were the times.

By and around 1945 Germany was flooded with people running away from the Communists even though it was just rubble and ashes. The city people were moved to the country where every house was confiscated. The rule was, 1 family per room of the house. Kitchen and bathroom facilities had to be shared. It was a terrible time. Hopefully, people in America will never have to experience “equality” and “sharing with strangers” like that ever.

Well, my parents generation has passed on and we, the children born during the war are old and gray. Most of us never want to be reminded of those days, but Americans might find it all very strange and interesting. Americans really don’t know how lucky they are with their Constitution and their Civil Rights. I wish they would appreciate their freedom more and cherish it. They are after all the luckiest, freest people in the world.

Please do read Melitta’s book. It will be an eye-opener, since none of what happened to Melitta’s family could have happened here.

Vera Voelter

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Review by Diane

I am half way through your book. It is very compelling. It was hard to set it down. Your dad is just 2 weeks older than mine. His birthday is June 5, 1912. Like your parents, mine also experienced a lot of strife, especially my Dad. He was born in Rostok, Germany where his family relocated because of work opportunity. Prior to World War I they left everything and moved back to Italy and lived in hiding in the mountains of Northern Italy where they could be safe. After the war,my grandfather went back to retrieve their belongingsonly to find that everything was confiscated by the Germans. I would love to talk with you and share more stories about our parents and their journeys. The fact that you and your siblings went through so much, too, is particularly notable. I also feel God’s Hand in you miraculous return to your family. God watched over you and your family during one of the darkest times in history. Thank you so much for giving us the book. We will treasure it and pass on your story to our family and friends.


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Review by Sheila

This is a wonderfully inspiring book. I can’t imagine the constant horror and terror in Melitta’s early life. Yet she is positive, upbeat and sees life as a wonderful gift and opportunity. Thank you for sharing your story with us.


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Review by Donna

Beautiful! I read your book the other day. I really, really enjoyed it. It is a good thing you do, when you keep true history alive. We see way too much distortion as time goes on. People want to deny it.


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Comment by Janice

I found this book to be wonderful! How quickly a generation can lose site of one of the major, horrific events of the world. This book was written in a way to bring this story to both the young who may know nothing about the unimaginable events of this time and to the adults who so eagerly want to know about success stories such as this. I recommend this book to all ages! God Bless Melitta and her entire family!


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Review by Eileen

I just finished reading your book and as it says on the cover it is very compelling and I finished it in one reading. How wonderful of you to get your parent’s story written and published and what a treasure for your family. While I have heard much of your story over the past couple of years it was very touching to read and to fill in the gaps for me. It is important that the horrible atrocities of Hitler never be forgotten or repeated and your book will serve as a reminder for generations to come that our freedom is to be cherished and protected. I am so glad you wrote your life story and thank you for sharing it with me.


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Review by Dan & Luminita

Now that we’ve all had a chance to read the book about the history of your family, I just wanted to write you a note to say how incredible this story was! It’s amazing what you went through and what you all survived.  Putting it all down on paper was such a nice idea because this story should never be lost, and this way, all of the generations to come can learn about the struggles of your family and never forget what it took to get to freedom and where we all are today.

I passed the book onto my children and their spouses as well and they were all so touched by the story and quite surprised to hear that they were part Hungarian! This is quite ironic considering that my second oldest grandchild, Nicholas, spent two years in the care of a Hungarian babysitter and speaks the language fluently even though none of us do!

Dan & Luminita

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Comment by Emily

Loved reading Melitta’s Life Story. What a trip!!! I especially loved the way she referred to the sewing machine throughout the story – then the surprise ending – a picture of The Sewing Machine! It actually brought tears to my eyes. My friend from Arizona was here and also read the book and loved it. Thanks Melitta for taking the time to write this book and for sharing your story.


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Letter by Annabel

We received and enjoyed your book very much.  You have told me much about your early years, but the book is more extensive.  Doug read the book to me.  How dreadful life was under Nazi rule.  I agree, your parents were heroes.  I have often wondered how people survived under Nazi rule.   Of course, many didn’t.  We know many people are under dictators now that is unbearable. 

We are so fortunate to have met you and Heb in the Palo Alto Elks parking lot. 

Fondly, Annabel

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Comment by Jan

A really riveting true story of survival to freedom! Tears may not have been a part of the Mohr family due to time and fear, but they were for this armchair reader. Appreciated the apt details through which we could see, hear sounds, and feel their emotions! Thank you, Melitta, for sharing your heart and your life in Christ so poignantly!

Your Sister in Christ, Jan

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