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Melitta, I grew up in the small rural community of Greene, Maine not on many of today’s maps. We were taught that honesty, a good job, and freedom, were not inherent rights, but rather earned! I did not find a single line of text on which I could not relate or disagree.

While I would not wish your early childhood and challenge on anyone, were many Americans today subjected to such, I am confident we would be a far better country! I am sore afraid of the path we seem to be taking and the lack of corrective action to turn it around. Hitler taught us a grave lesson many have forgotten and a younger generation that questions whether or not it ever happened. I distinctly remember being aware of Hitler’s many atrocities and reading of many of the things you experienced. I followed WWII very closely as I had an uncle who served during the “Battle of the Bulge”.

I commend you for taking time to tell your story and now have a new perception and respect of my email buddy, Melitta! Thank you for sharing it with me and others. It is too valuable to “hide under a bushel” and I hope you find a way to get it into as many hands as possible. This book should be made “required reading” for all young Americans! You are indeed a ‘rhinestone of freedom’.


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  1. Ralph L. Jordan says:

    Melitta, I have read all reviews, comments, and letters complimenting you on your book. I am more convinced than ever this work needs to be highly marketed and ready available. I am certain the vehicle is out there to help accomplish this. I feel the publisher would make such an investment for you for a small percentage of the resulting sales. Properly promoted, this little book could be a best seller! I encourage you to explore this further. All age levels of America need to read it. Ralph

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