Review by Dennis

Almost immediately after you handed your book to us, I began to read it. I could not put it down until I had read the entire thing!! What a wonderful and surprising story. And, what a mysteriously fortunate series of unlikely events and circumstances led to your eventual freedom. Each and every phase of your life reads like an epic drama, beginning with the birthmark that must have led to your surprising appearance on the doorstep. Then continuing through your father’s long series of courageous and fortunte decisions that eventually lead to your arrival in the U.S. Then, finally you shared some of the struggles and dedication that led to the production of the heartfelt book. How wonderful that the sewing machine seems to have stiched together each phase of your life and still remains with you as a symbol of the journey to this day. Thank you for giving your book to us with your signature, and above all, thank you for writing it in the first place so that many others may be enriched by it.

Dennis and Phyllis

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