Review by Diane

I am half way through your book. It is very compelling. It was hard to set it down. Your dad is just 2 weeks older than mine. His birthday is June 5, 1912. Like your parents, mine also experienced a lot of strife, especially my Dad. He was born in Rostok, Germany where his family relocated because of work opportunity. Prior to World War I they left everything and moved back to Italy and lived in hiding in the mountains of Northern Italy where they could be safe. After the war,my grandfather went back to retrieve their belongingsonly to find that everything was confiscated by the Germans. I would love to talk with you and share more stories about our parents and their journeys. The fact that you and your siblings went through so much, too, is particularly notable. I also feel God’s Hand in you miraculous return to your family. God watched over you and your family during one of the darkest times in history. Thank you so much for giving us the book. We will treasure it and pass on your story to our family and friends.


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