Review by Janeen

Having just finished reading your amazing story, Hey Kids, Want Some Chocolate?, I am still in thought concerning just how much the Lord has tendered my heart because of what you and your precious family went through during the time of World War II.

Even as a young child living with my parents and younger brother in the Bay Area, I vividly remembered the news paper photos of the war atrocities my parents tried to conceal because they had such a heart-wrenching impact on me.

However not until reading your book have I heard such a poignant personal story of a family living through those times in Germany — and surviving! Yes, indeed, praise be to God for His hand of protection over you and for the unwavering courage of your dear parents. Your’s is truly a story never to be forgotten. I know it will live on in my heart.

I am very grateful to you (and Herb) for sharing your story and helping us as Americans be more aware of guarding the privilege of our God-given right to cherish freedom … and thanking the Lord and both of you for the gift of your story to bless my Thanksgiving.

May your blessings truly overflow.

With love,
Janeen Mattiuzzi

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