Review by my brother Alex

We´ve read the book. I´d like to thank you for the book as a dedication to our parents and sister and brothers. I´m glad you came to that point to write down the story of our family and the way we reached freedom. Thanks God that our parents had the courage to take all the risks during that terrible time  in WWII instead of waiting that things might changed by itself. I was the lucky one in our family and just heard some of that endured stories from dad or mum. I can remember, when father told me when he was a soldier when war was about to end. He was recruted by the German Army an had to fight against invasors in the area of Rheinland. He wanted under no circumstances to be cought by the russions and to be sent to sibiria. Therefore he tried to break out out of a forest with three other fellows which was surroundet by russion trups and tried to move over a big area to get to the american camp. They found in that forest lots of lost wheapons and military stuff which they used to create a big fire work in order to make the russions believe, that there must be some kind of lost unknown armed unit. After doing so, the stationed russion soldiers run away and father and his fellows could reach the american camp and surrendered by the american authority.

He also told me, that in the american camp the officers were looking for prisoners, who are able to speek other languages than German and are able to cook (for all the millions of prisoners). Father had no idea of cooking, except of some looking at mum´s kitchen. He pretended to be an excellent cook an they took him right at the source of food in the newly installed camp kitchen, after four days of hunger. Mum said, when he came back from war, he was well nourished. 

Thanks Melitta for the book. I´m really proud of you. I think it was the right decition to have sent you the sawing machine to the states.  (and sorry for my bad english)

Love, Alex & Ulli

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