Review by Beverly

The book was incredible!  I had to read it a second time.  I could picture everything you wrote.  I had no idea your (and Willy’s and your sister’s) parents went through such difficulties!   I cannot imagine what they went through when you were missing!  What a miracle that you were returned to them!   Now I’m wondering if you yourself suffered at the hands of those who took you.  But I guess that’s something you’ll never know here on this earth.   I am amazed and inspired at your faith in Jesus Christ despite what your family went through.  That is so encouraging.  I have always heard such wonderful things about you from the family, and I can see why.  Your writing alone tells me the kind of person you are.  Thanks so much for writing that book.  I am so honored to have a SIGNED copy!  If you ever write more books please let me know.   


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