Review by Anita

I had been waiting for Melitta’s book to be finished, as she is a personal friend of mine, and I have known a bit about her life history – so when the book arrived in the mail, I sat down at my dining room table and did not do one other thing until I had finished reading the book! The descriptions of life as it was for her family prior to Melitta’s birth, life as it became so frightening in those early months/years after Melitta was born, and then the various escapes that the family went through to ultimately arrive at Augsburg – all were so fascinating to read about. God had His hand over Melitta and her family, and it is lovely that she and her husband Herb reflect their gratefulness to God, and that they so willingly share their love of God with others. This is an inspiring story about unusual circumstances, perseverance, the horrors of war and Naziism, and the ultimate survival of Melitta’s family through heroic acts by her mother and father. This is an exciting portrayal of a difficult time in our world’s history, it is easy to read, and I highly recommend it!


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