Review by Gabriele

I wanted to tell you that I’ve read 80% of the book and getting ready to go finish it! Oh my!!!!! I’ve been so emotional! I can’t believe it! of coarse I do but wow! I can’t help but to grieve about the struggles my oma and opa went through! You see it on movies but when it hits so close to home. I sure can’t begin to imagine the grieve of losing your new born baby!!!!! And for you to hear about it at 16! I didn’t know so many things about my opa, we just don’t talk about it. I play the violin with Anabelle and he was an engineer and Andrew is too. I can’t believe he was into taxadermi and now Chris’ oldest is too. So wild! Oma was so sweet for saying you keep a man happy by cooking for him, I forget the other thing but I’ll read it again.

I just glanced at the book and so your school picture again. I’m so sorry you had a teacher that was aloud to spank you! That just makes me mad and sad. And I feel bad that you didn’t have shoes that fit and now have trouble.

I love it that your Church did a presentation on the Manhattan Declaration. I wish more Churchs did. Some Christians don’t even know about it yet.

Thanks so much for taking the time to write your story, it has really blessed me. I encouraged Andrew to read it. You know he’s getting married in March so he’s scatter brained but hopes to settle down by April. have to go and put kids to bed.

Love you! Gabi.

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